Online Payroll Processing Houston, Texas

Our company provides uncomplicated online payroll processing with features that give you more power to run your business smoothly!

Choose an industry-specific pay schedule

Pick a payroll routine that fits your business. Fill your employees’ pockets on the last day of every month, or choose your custom payday.

Complete pay runs in a click

Spend less time completing your payroll with a click. Once you have your paydays and schedule set, a click is all you need to pay your employees.

Add customized one-time earnings

Plan and manage employee bonuses for holidays or profit-sharing programs and easily apply pre-tax or post-tax deductions.

Apply custom deductions to payslips

Set up a one-time or recurring profile to take care of voluntary and mandatory payroll deductions. Our system automatically deducts the right amount and applies the appropriate taxes during each pay run.

Pay wages online or offline

Credit employee salaries directly to your online bank account for quick and easy payroll. Offline check payments are easy to record too.

Share secure payment receipts online

Generate password-protected payroll and make it accessible online in a ready-to-download PDF format.

Receive timely notifications

Our system allows you to confirm processed payroll, view upcoming tax filing dates, and stay on top of your payroll transactions

Automated loan management

Support your employees’ financial needs with loans and automatically track them until they are paid. Loan payments are regularly deducted from your employees’ payroll, and real-time notifications keep everyone informed.

Adapt payment periods to holidays

Does the payment date fall on a weekend or a government-declared holiday? Our system automatically adapts your payroll to be processed the day before closing.

Temporarily exclude employees from payroll cycles

Employee leave can range from a few weeks to several months. Easily record the reason for your absence and continue processing your current payroll without wasting time.

Professionally manage employee exits

Letting an employee go can be difficult, but we make the process easy once the decision is made. Run severance pay to effortlessly manage your employee notice pay, vacation cash, and other exit requirements.

Our Guarantee:

We’ll Keep Taxes Filed Properly

Automatic filings of federal, state, and local payroll taxes mean that you can focus on running your small business.

Priced Right

All the payroll services small-business owners need to run Payroll and more-all at one flat price with no hidden fees ever.

Expert Support

Live payroll service specialists are available to help you manage our payroll software every step of the way.

So, if you ever need us, make sure to call us today! We have a customer service team ready to answer all of your questions any time of the day!

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